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UNDP Argentina

Expanding Participation and Coordination in Local Development

Programming that focuses on social inclusion at the assessment and planning stages, coordinating national and local policy and processes, and opening up planning and programming to continual evaluation and refinement by stakeholders.
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UNDP Armenia

Bringing Local Priorities into Local Planning

Programme that surveys local perceptions of development and human rights, and feeds results into MDG planning processes.
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UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina

Integrating Human Rights and Development Best Practices

Programme that integrates human rights principles and approaches into municipal development practice, enabling municipalities to evaluate, adopt and implement rights based development strategies. The WebPortal’s most developed programming example.
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Introducing Human Rights into National Human Development Discourse

Programme that partnered with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to incorporate international human rights treaties into domestic law, and introduce human rights discourse into the country’s national development planning.
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UNDP Macedonia

Building Expertise and Participation Through Networks

Programme that sets up institutional fora where development stakeholders from all sectors and at local and national levels cooperate in designing municipal development plans.
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UNDP Malaysia

Disaggregated Data and Partnerships in Advocacy

Advocacy efforts to address pockets of extreme poverty in an otherwise affluent country’s development plan, relied on the hard evidence of disaggregated indicators, strategic partnerships, and flexible advocacy strategies.
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UNDP Turkey

Novel Mechanisms to Link Human Rights Accountability and MDG Commitments

Programme that links human rights capacity development at the local level to the country’s main MDG policy document, and partners with the national bar association for novel accountability mechanisms.
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