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About the HuRiLink Web Portal on Human Rights and the MDGs

Sharing Collective Experiences

The HuriLink webportal presents the experiences of UNDP practitioners linking human rights and the MDGs in practice. In doing so, it seeks to offer guidance and inspiration to others looking to do the same.

The information presented here is a sample of the feedback received by UN country teams and not necessarily exhaustive or representative of all approaches. Together they represent the number of creative ways that practitioners are drawing the links between human rights and the MDGs in their work. It is hoped that these examples will inspire other and guide other practitioners in drawing links of their own.

We Want to Hear from YOU!

The HuRiLink web portal is a tool developed for practitoners by practitioners. As an interactive tool, it relies on your participation and input to remain dynamic and relevant. Comments and contributions may be sent by email to or by using the comment facilitator in the top right hand corner of the screen. The web portal will be updated regularly.

The structure of the web portal

The HuRiLink web portal revolves about 7 country examples that represent different approaches and experiences by UNDP country offices. These examples are highlighted because they represent the most developed approaches encountered during research for the web portal, while together representing the breadth and variety of approaches encountered.

In addition to country examples, the web portal contains pages describing common issues in development practice reported in the course of research for the web portal. These pages are also tabbed, with a tab on common themes and strategies, and a tab on challenges and lessons learned. The material on these tabs is drawn from all practitioners surveyed for the web portal, in addition to the eight country examples. Finally, the Portal contains a resource page with links to tools and resources for linking human rights and the MDGs.

Common Issues

In the research for the webportal, the experiences described by practitioners shared a number of common features and challenges faced. These are categorized under a tab for Themes & Strategies and a tab for Challenges & Lessons Learned.

Tools and Resources

Practitioners surveyed for the webportal recommended a number of resources for linking MDGs and human rights. These have been collected and divided into a tab for Practical Tools for Programming and a tab for Conceptual Resources and Reference for Policy.

Experiences from the Field

Seven country offices have agreed to share their experiences in detail, and together represent the breadth and variety of approaches surveyed for the webportal. They include programmes and advocacy strategies, at different stages of development and levels of implementation, in a variety of political and cultural contexts. Browse the country examples below

UNDP Argentina
UNDP Armenia
UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina
UNDP Macedonia
UNDP Malaysia
UNDP Turkey

Who are We?

Both the Web Portal and the Primer: Human Rights and the MDGs- Making theLlink, have been developed by the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre. The Oslo Governance Centre hosts the UN Human Rights Policy Network- HURITALK. In 2006, HURITALK together with the MDG Network, held an e-discussion on linking human rights and the MDGs. The Primer and the Portal are a result of the e-discussion and a subsequent workshop held at the Oslo Governance Centre. .

For more information on the Oslo Governance Centre, please visit:

For more information on HURITALK please visit:

If you wish to contact us directly, please e-mail the Facilitation team of HURITALK: Emilie Filmer-Wilson: and Nav Purewall: